What Is An AMOLED Display

Active Matrix OLED, or AM-OLED, screens provide various benefits over conventional TFT screens. These advantages include quicker response times, self-illumination, impressive display quality, and reduced energy consumption. With show pure black, produce enhanced contrasts, showcase vivid colors, and function well in bright conditions, OLED displays are ideal for handheld devices, military equipment, gaming consoles, and sports-related products due to their efficient power usage.

Advantages of AMOLED Display

Consumes Less Power
Thinner Physical Profile
High Contrast Ratio
Enhanced Visual Experience
Thin and Lightweight Design
Wide Viewing Angles
Faster Refresh Rates
Always-on Display
Flexible and Curved Displays
Improved Outdoor Visibility
Reduced Blue Light Emission

Application Examples

Smart wear
Vehicle mounted
Industrial control
Handheld PDA
Digital Camera