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About Youritech

We offer our global customers competent and customer specific expert consulting in the areas of display, touch, embedded and systems. Our technologically mature portfolio from standard components to in-house developments, as well as our many years of project experience, combined with our global production and logistics network, enables us to provide system engineering at the highest level. From the concept to the final product, you get everything from a single source!

As a specialist in optoelectronic components, Youritech excels in delivering custom solutions, complete with:

  • Wide range of display technologies including TFT LCD displays, AMOLED, PCAPs, and cover lenses, bonding, etc

  • Full vertical integration and qualification of the system

  • Embedded and System solutions

  • Senior technical support for the configuration, tuning, and adjustment of sub-components throughout entire process

  • A comprehensive portfolio of distribution products and customised system solutions according to the highest industry standards.

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Our Products

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial display, touch and embedded technologies, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of distribution products and customized system solutions according to the highest industry standards, we have consistently pursued the goal of sustainable growth and internationalization.

Custom Display & Touch Specialists

Over the years, we have developed standard and custom display solutions that precisely meet the needs of our customers worldwide. Discover our wide range of display options - from choosing the right display technology to numerous value-added services: we are the ideal partner for your display solutions.

The demand for specially shaped and formatted displays or applications with particularly challenging specification. Whether standard products, semi-custom or fully-custom solutions: we will find a display solution that is perfectly suited to the customer's needs and the desired field of application. We can not only provide ideal consulting, but also efficiently and professionally implement display solutions that meet all customer requirements.

Whether low power consumption or high brightness - from monochrome to 8K: our range of display technologies offers the right solution for almost every requirement and application. With our wide range of technologies such as ePaper, TFT, LCD, AMOLED, TOUCH, EMEBEDDED, we offer an integrated display solution that perfectly suits your needs.

Thanks to our numerous customization options, the potential fields of application are virtually unlimited. In addition to displays suitable for use in particularly harsh indoor or outdoor environments, thanks to our ISO certification, we can also implement solutions for special applications, such as in the medical field, military industry, high-tech new product development cooperation, etc.

Welcome to learn more about what makes us the display manufacturer for your needs, get in touch with us today.


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