Memory-in-Pixel LCD Technology

Achieve top-notch performance with minimal power usage and excellent visibility in a wide range of lighting conditions. Choose from a vibrant 64-color display or a high-contrast monochrome option for various design applications, including wearables, medical devices, smart meters, and more.

Advantages of the MiP technology

MiP displays are known for their efficient power usage and clear visibility in various lighting conditions, including bright environments. When integrated into mobile gadgets, they can contribute to extended battery life without compromising display quality. As a result of these features, MiP displays are popular choices for portable devices like smartwatches, speedometers, and vending machines.

Features of MIP Display

Sunlight readability, Ultra low power, High resolution & refresh rate, Cover lens & touch panel compatibility, Simple integration, Thin & flexible, Eye safe, Intrinsic Safety & extreme temp tolerance