What are the MIP displays features?

PRODUCT LINE-UP: Offered in diagonal sizes ranging from 1.08 to 4.40 inches.
HIGH READABILITY: Viewable in any light, from edge-of-visionto bright sunlight.
64-COLOUR DISPLAYS: Choose from 64-color or Monochrome.
OPERATING TEMPS: Wide operating temperatures for he most extreme environments.
WIDE VIEWING ANGLE: Wide, symmetrical viewing angles, typically 120° ×120°.
SIMPLE INTERFACE: Design made easy with a 3-wire SPI serial interface (SI, SCS, SCK).

Memory-in-Pixel LCDs are the perfect solution for compact handheld, wearable, and other small-screen applications that require a battery. Choose from multiple sizes in 64-color, plus monochrome. Applications ranging from wearable and consumer devices, industrial and medical applications to commercial signage solutions are supported by our wide range of displays.

MIP Display VS AMOLED Display

1. AMOLED With the development of technology, AMOLED screens will be better in terms of brightness and battery life, because the display of AMOLED screens in normal scenes is clearer and more delicate, and it is more in line with everyone's usage habits.
2. MIP has unique advantages in the professional outdoor field. MIP's clarity under strong light, long battery life and ultra-low power consumption always-on display function are incomparable and replaceable by AMOLED screens, and MIP technology is also developing. In the future, outdoor watches and outdoor handhelds with MIP screens The equipment will still exist for a long time, because it can meet the needs of specific groups. For a brand like Garmin, which carves sports into its bones, watches equipped with MIP screens will continue to be promoted as brand signs, and outdoor brands are also very recognized.

How does Youritech`s technology enhance the MIP Displays` effect?

Besides the perfect outdoor effect, to support better in-door effect, Youritech provides comprehensive solutions of front-light and back-light onto the MIP displays, it can reach the key benifits of

90% Power Savings
Instead of fighting the light around your device, the front light solution embraces it to provide a natural viewing experience, resulting in 10X power savings over traditional transmissive LCDs.

Consistent Contrast
From bright sunlight to low- or no-light, RLCDs that include the front light solution provide a consistent contrast ratio across all environments, resulting in an optimal viewing experience.

Ultra-Thin Display Modules
With bility to use a single off-the-shelf LED and light guide film that is just 0.05 mm, when added to a display stack, our front light solution feels like it is barely there.

Low Heat Signature
Using a single LED, LCD 2.0 has a lower heat signature then a comparable LCD with a backlight.