LCD Solution

As a development, production and electronic system distribution specialist, Youritech offers a vast portfolio based on a modular building block concept making it possible to meet every distinct market demand and regulation in a flexible manner.
Youritech's market position and the dynamic technical advancement in the areas of digital display, touch, Embedded and systems technology demand intense and ongoing commitment in development.

Following this uniform approach, Youritech places its focus on not only classic distribution but also on basic development and device development. When all market trends and perspectives are gathered during basic development and innovative hardware and software solutions are created, device development produces perfectly customized solution results on the basis of those individual client requirements. Product quality is guaranteed by means of professional testing procedures and authorization processes. This allows Youritech to meet the strict requirements of the individual markets and already take the market-specific certifications and standards into account during the development stage. This results in short development cycles and an optimal product transfer into series production.