Blanview Display Technology
ORTUSTECH's innovative Blanview technology capitalizes on the strengths of both Transmissive and Transflective displays, harnessing backlight and reflective resistors to create a superior viewing experience. This cutting-edge technology significantly enhances readability in outdoor environments, maintaining a high NTSC ratio even when exposed to intense sunlight of up to 100,000lux. Additionally, Blanview technology boasts remarkably low power consumption, reducing energy usage by 40% to 60% compared to traditional Transmissive displays. This makes Blanview LCDs the ideal choice for battery-powered portable devices, perfect for outdoor applications.

Key Features
A palm-sized medical device with a minute display, featherlight construction, and sleek touchscreen functionality.
A wide range of operating temperatures and interface types.
A wide range of resolutions, including 4K.
Ultra low power requirements.
Images display remarkable clarity, boasting sharp contrast, vivid colors with pure whites, and unwavering visibility even when exposed to intense sunlight.
Their ability to be customized based on client requirements
Their ability to support small-volume production
Their long product lifecycles, perfect for clients who use their displays in products for which they must secure medical, government or safety certifications.

Application examples
Handheld PDA
Vending machines
Bicycle speedometer
Digital watch
Digital Camera
Gas Stove
Golf Navigation