High brightness LCD screen display panel

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As the name suggests, it is an LCD screen with higher brightness than ordinary LCD screens. The brightness can reach more than 600cd/m2, and it is visible in the sun. Because of its characteristics, high-brightness LCD screens are widely used in aviation, ships, special vehicles, highways, industrial embedded, long-distance buses, large square shopping places, medical and other outdoor places, and some high and low temperature complex and harsh environment display equipment High-brightness LCD screens are also needed on the Internet, so high-brightness LCD screens are often called outdoor LCD screens.

What is the real highlight screen

The high-brightness LCD module is mainly composed of a front frame, a liquid crystal panel, a middle frame, optical materials, a backlight, and a bottom shell. Due to the changeable outdoor environment factors, outdoor high-brightness screens have higher requirements for the brightness of the LCD screen. The display function of the outdoor high-bright screen is mainly determined by the light transmittance of the LCD screen and the light source of the backlight. The brightness of this light source determines the screen brightness of the entire outdoor outdoor LCD. The light source is determined by the number of LED lamp beads and requires greater backlight power. Therefore, higher quality is required in the selection of materials to achieve better heat dissipation and reliability.

Comparison of bright LCD screen and ordinary LCD screen

Highbrightness:Ordinary LCD screen brightness 250~300cd/m2, high brightness LCD screen brightness can reach 600cd/m2~2000cd/m2

Highreliability:In order to realize the use in high-temperature and high-brightness environments, the high-brightness screen uses higher quality materials, so the high-brightness screen has higher reliability

More color options:Compared with the same period, the blue light can be reduced by 75%. The 380~450nm blue light is healthier and the color is richer. The transmittance NTSC>85%.


Medical equipment, Outdoor aerial photography, Outdoor turnstiles, Outdoor devices, Charging piles,  Advertising machines

Born for customized needs

we can provide-brightness/working temperature/backlight


Theoretically, the higher the brightness of the LCD, the better. At present, most of the brightness of TFT screens start from 150Nits. Normally, 200Nits can show a better picture. Because of the strong light outdoors, the brightness requirements of outdoor LCD screens are extremely high。

Currently we can achieve up to 20,000 brightness(Working temperature: -20℃~70℃, humidity 65%) There are various brightness options such as 400cd/m2 | 500cd/m2 | 800cd/m2 | 1000cd/m2 | 2000cd/m2 to meet customers' multiple application scenarios.


High-brightness LCD screens are widely used in outdoor scenes due to their characteristics, and high-brightness LCD screens are also required for display devices in complex and harsh environments with high and low temperatures, making outdoor LCD screens need to achieve a large temperature range.

At present, we can support the maximum operating temperature range of -30℃~85℃ LCD screen.


The maximum life of the backlight> 50,000 hours,Compared with the same period of blue light, the blue light of 380~450nm can be reduced by 75%, and the colors are healthier and richer.,
The transmittance NTSC>85%.

Highlight screen projects we have done so far

Charging piles, entrance and exit barriers, smart cabinets, outdoor aerial photography remote control screens, industrial-grade drone ground stations, etc.

Outdoor aerial photography remote control screen project
5-inch high-brightness display screen remote control, the highest screen brightness is 1000cd/m2.
It is clearly visible in direct sunlight.

Industrial drone ground station
It adopts a medium-sized military trolley box imported from the United States, including a launch unit, etc.,
with an outdoor high-brightness industrial control screen, with a brightness of 1000cd/m2.

Outdoor charging pile project
The charging pile has a high-brightness LCD display with a resolution of 1920*1080 and a high-brightness of 800~1000cd/m2.

Industrial equipment
Industrial master computer with high-brightness LCD display, 1920*1080 resolution, 72% NTSC color gamut.