Advantages of Small Size OLED Display

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OLED small-size displays have lower power consumption and higher viewing angles. Since each pixel is self-illuminating and does not require a backlight, lower power consumption can be achieved. The viewing angle of the OLED display is very wide, and users can get clear and detailed images from all angles. This makes OLED small-size displays have broad application prospects in fields such as mobile devices and wearable devices.


Ultra high resolution

The reason why the resolution of OLED small-size display can reach such a high level is mainly due to its ultra-high pixel density. The pixels of OLED displays are very small and can achieve sub-pixel level fineness, so higher resolutions can be achieved. Moreover, each pixel of the OLED display is self-illuminating and does not require a backlight, so it can achieve higher brightness and contrast. These advantages give OLED small-size displays a huge advantage in resolution.


Delicate and realistic image effects

The ultra-high resolution of the OLED small-size display allows it to present more detailed and realistic image effects. On a smaller screen, users can see more details and get a better visual experience whether they are watching high-definition videos, playing games or browsing the web. Especially for some application scenarios that require high-resolution display, such as VR glasses, smart watches, etc., OLED small-size displays can provide a more realistic and immersive experience.


High color saturation

OLED small-size display has extremely high color saturation and can present more realistic and vivid colors. Compared with traditional LCD displays, OLED displays are better in color reproduction. Whether watching movies, appreciating photos or playing games, users can get fuller and more brilliant color effects. This gives OLED small-size displays huge potential for entertainment and creation.


Fast response speed

The OLED small-size display has a very fast response speed and can achieve smoother dynamic effects. This is especially important for watching high-speed motion pictures to avoid smear and afterimage phenomena. Whether watching sports, playing action games or browsing fast-scrolling web pages, users can expect clearer, smoother images.


Low power consumption and high viewing angle

OLED small-size displays can achieve very high resolutions, reaching or even exceeding 4K levels. Its ultra-high resolution, delicate and realistic image effects, high color saturation, fast response speed, low power consumption and high viewing angle allow users to get a better visual experience. With the continuous advancement of technology, it is believed that the resolution of OLED small-size displays will continue to improve, bringing better display effects to users.


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