8 Inch TFT LCD Display For You

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We are world leading display panels agent, designer and manufacturer (lcd/oled, touch screens, integrated display, etc). We also support touch screen, cover lens, bonding design and manufacturing.

8 inch tft lcd display has a wide range of applications. The following are youritech's 8-inch tft lcd display product.

Size Type Resolution Interface Features
8" TFT 1200x1920 MIPI IPS,high brightness, 1100nits
8" TFT 800x1280 MIPI 4 lane IPS
8" TFT 800x1280 MIPI IPS,High Brightness 500cd/m2
8" TFT 1024x600 LVDS 40PIN /
8" TFT 800x600 RGB 24bit 50PIN /
8" TFT 1024x768 LVDS IPS
8" TFT 1024x768 LVDS IPS
8" TFT 768x1024 MIPI IPS
8" TFT 800x480 TTL Wide Temperature, U/D,L/R Reverse
8" TFT 800x480 TTL sRGB, Wide Temperature, High Brightness, U/D,L/R Reverse
8" TFT 800x480 LVDS Wide Temperature, High Brightness, 180° Reverse
8" TFT 800x480 TTL /


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