3.5 Inch TFT LCD Display & OLED Display For You

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We are world leading display panels agent, designer and manufacturer (lcd/oled, touch screens, integrated display, etc). We also support touch screen, cover lens, bonding design and manufacturing.

3.5 inch tft lcd display & oled display has a wide range of applications. The following are youritech's 3.5-inch tft lcd display& oled display product.

Size Type Resolution Interface Features
3.5" TFT 1080x1080 MIPI Square LCD, IPS
3.5" TFT 1440x1600 MIPI High Resolution
3.5" TFT 1440X1600 dual MIPI IPS
3.5" TFT 240x320 TTL With Touch, Transflective
3.5" TFT 240x320 TTL With Touch,IPS
3.5" TFT 272x400 TTL IPS, WQVGA
3.5" TFT 320x240 Parallel/Serial With Touch
3.5" TFT 320x240 RGB IPS
3.5" TFT 320x240 Parallel/Serial Matte
3.5" TFT 320x240 TTL Transflective, IPS
3.5" TFT 320x480 CPU /
3.5" TFT 320x480 MIPI IPS
3.5" TFT 340x800 SPI With CTP, IPS
3.5" TFT 480x640 TTL Blanview, Sunlight Readable
3.5" TFT 480x640 MIPI Transflective, Hight Brightness, IPS
3.5" TFT 480x800 RGB 24BIT interface Transflective,IPS
3.5" TFT 480x800 MCU IPS
3.5" TFT 480x800 MIPI IPS ,High Brightness 500cd/m2
3.5" OLED 480x800 TTL Wide Color Gamut, DCI-P3, Adobe RGB, sRGB
3.5" TFT 640x480 TTL Full Viewing Angle , High-definition, IPS
3.5" TFT 640x480 RGB IPS,High Brightness 850cd/m2
3.5" TFT 640x960 MIPI 3 lane 24pin IPS
3.5" TFT 640x960 MIPI IPS
3.5" TFT 800x480 TTL IPS, Glossy


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