What are the precautions for customizing touch cover?

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When customizing a touch cover, you need to pay attention to the following key points to ensure the performance, quality and adaptability of the cover:


Dimensions and tolerances:

Accurately provide the size requirements of the cover, including length, width and thickness.

Pay attention to the tolerance range to ensure the adaptability of the cover to the device. For example, the shape tolerance is between ±0.05≤7" and ±0.10>7", and the thickness tolerance is ±0.05 (the tolerance of the general CG+ printing thickness can be controlled at ±0.03).

Shape and openings:

The shape design should consider details such as slots and fillets to avoid fragmentation or damage. For example, the minimum width of the shape slot is 1.0mm, the minimum R angle of the fillet is R0.50mm, and it is recommended that the general chamfer is set to R1.0mm.

The opening position and shape tolerance should be precisely controlled to ensure the accuracy and responsiveness of the touch screen. For example, the minimum width of the earpiece hole is 1.0mm, and it is recommended that it is ≧1.2mm in general.

Material and thickness:

Choose suitable materials, such as glass, acrylic, plastic, etc., and consider factors such as dielectric constant, conductivity, diffusion factor, etc. It is recommended to use materials with dielectric constant K between 1.5 and 4.

Pay attention to the impact of the thickness of the cover on touch sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio, and choose a suitable thickness. For example, the thinner the acrylic thickness, the better, up to 6mm, and the ideal thickness is 3mm.

Fitting method and structure:

Consider the fitting method of the cover, such as full fitting and frame pasting, and choose the appropriate fitting method according to the application scenario.

Pay attention to the structural type of the touch screen, such as G+G, G+F+F, etc., to ensure the compatibility of the cover and the touch screen.

Customization process and delivery time:

Clearly define the customization process, including steps such as providing demand information, confirming drawings, producing samples, and batch delivery.

Understand the delivery time to ensure that the customized cover can arrive within the required time. Generally, the delivery time for cover customization is about 7-10 days, and the delivery time for overall touch screen customization is about 15-20 days.

Debugging and testing:

After receiving the customized cover, debug and test to ensure that the performance and quality of the cover meet the requirements.

Test the touch smoothness, accuracy and responsiveness of the touch screen to ensure its compatibility with the device.

By paying attention to the above matters, you can ensure that the customized touch cover has good performance, quality and adaptability to meet the needs of the device.



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