VS055QUM-NH0-6KP1 BOE 5.5 Inch 2160x3840 TFT LCD Panel MIPI Interface LCD Display With HDMI board For HMD AR VR

  • Part No.:VS055QUM-NH0-6KP1
  • Size:5.5″ inch
  • Resolution:2160x3840
  • Panel Interface:MIPI (2 ch,4 data lanes)
  • Display mode:Transmissive
  • Outline Dimension:70.26(H)x128.46(V)mm
  • Active Area:68.04(H0)x120.96(V)mm
  • Viewing Angle L/R/U/D:85/85/85/85 (Typ.)
  • Brightness(cd/m2):100(Typ.)
  • Operation / Storage Temp:0~50°C / -20~70°C
  • Touch:no

VS055QUM-NH0-6KP1 is a 5.5 inch diagonal LTPS TFT-LCD display screen product, with an incorporated WLED lighting system, without backlight driver, without touch screen.VS055QUM-NH0-6KP1 supports display 2160(RGB)×3840 (UHD) with aspect ratio of 9:16 (W:H), whose pixels are arranged in RGB Vertical Stripe, it's pixel density is 806 PPI.It features active area of 68.04(W)×120.96(H) mm, outline size of 70.26(W)×128.46(H)×1.73(D) mm, net weight of 28.5±2.0g. As a ADS, Normally Black, Transmissive LCM product, VS055QUM-NH0-6KP1 can provides 100 cd/m² display brightness 700:1 transimissive contrast ratio, 85/85/85/85 (Typ.)(CR≥10) (L/R/U/D) viewing angle, best view direction on Symmetry , and response time of 5.5 (Max.)(G to G) ms.

Screen Size:5.5 inch
Brand: BOE
Frame Frequency:90Hz
Contrast Ratio:700:1 (Typ.) (Transmissive)
5.5 Inch 2160x3840 TFT LCD Panel

-Full Viewing Angle
-High contrast
-Lamp Type:WLED
-Wide temperature range
-Low power consumption


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-HDMI board
-VS055QUM-NH0-6KP0 with HDMI board

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