7.5 Inch Black White And Red E-paper Ink Screen Module 800x480 E-paper Screen

  • Part No.:ET075EP02
  • Size:7.5″ inch
  • Resolution:800x480
  • Panel Interface:SPI
  • Display mode:black white red
  • Outline Dimension:170.2x111.2x1.20mm
  • Active Area:163.2x97.92mm
  • Viewing Angle L/R/U/D:/
  • Brightness(cd/m2):/
  • Operation / Storage Temp:0-40°C / -25-40°C
  • Touch:no

7.5 Inch Black White And Red E-paper Ink Screen Module E-paper Screen.
Screen Size:7.5 inch
7.5 inch 800x480 e-paper display 3 colors.

-Built-in driver IC

-Ultra-wide viewing angle nearly 180°
-Ultra-low power consumption (only consumes power when refreshing)
-Pure reflection mode
-Anti-glare hard coat front surface.
-Low current deep sleep mode
-Using COG package, IC thickness 300um
-Service life (number of refreshes without failure): more than 1 million times

For E-Readers,Digital Singage,Suppy Chain Management,Retail Labels.

More SKU To Choose
-ET075EP02 7.5 inch 800x480 e-paper display 3 colors
-ET075EP02 display + demo
-ET075EP02 dispaly + raspberry adapter board + connector
-ET075EP02 display + with raspberry adapter board no connector
-ET075EP02 display + connector

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