27 inch 4K 3840x2160 Resolution TFT LCD Panel EDP 30 Pins Interface Screen

  • Part No.:ET270QUM-N10
  • Size:27″ inch
  • Resolution:3840x2160
  • Panel Interface:eDP
  • Display mode:IPS,Transmissive
  • Outline Dimension:628.8x367.1x19.4mm
  • Active Area:597.888x336.312mm
  • Viewing Angle L/R/U/D:89/89/89/89
  • Brightness(cd/m2):1000cd/m2
  • Operation / Storage Temp:0-50゚C / -20-+60゚C
  • Touch:no

27 inch 4K 3840x2160 TFT LCD

ET270QUM-N10-TFT-27inch-3840x2160-EDP-3 ET270QUM-N10_01 ET270QUM-N10_02 ET270QUM-N10_03

Size 27inch
Panel item ET270QUM-N10
Panel type a-Si TFT-LCD
Display mode IPS,Normally black,transmissive display
Pixels 3840*2160
brightness 1000cd/m2
Constrast Ratio 2000:1
Response Time 6ms
View angle 89/89/89/89 (Min)
View area 601.7*340.7mm(H*V)
Dispaly area 597.888*336.312mm(H*V)
Outline Size 628.8*367.1*19.4mm(H*V*D)
Signal Type eDP
Working freqyency 60Hz
Working temperature 0- 50゚C
Storage Temperature -20 - +60゚C
Display ratio 16:9
Display color 16.7m


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